Monday, December 7, 2009

Fro Yo For You

While interning in New York City, a friend and I found a real restaurant gem located on the seventh floor at Bloomingdales. While the carrot soup is good and the sandwiches are nice, 40 Carrot's frozen yogurt is to die for. Their coffee fro yo topped with M&Ms is Alexander Wang on sale type good.

After opening in 1975, 40 Carrots has sold an estimated 3.2 million servings to the frozen yogurt obsessed. The yogurt recipe has not been changed since its debut 32 years ago, and continues to be the restaurant's number one selling item. Lines for the cool snack are long, and portions are huge. Not only delicious, the yorgurt's original version is low fat, and flavoured versions have no fat. Yes you can have your frozen yogurt and eat it too. With loads of toppings to choose from, get yours from any one of Bloomingdale's 19 40 Carrot locations.

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