Sunday, November 22, 2009

Haute Cakes

When upset, there is one thing which never fails to make me feel better. There is truly nothing like the power of cupcakes to help improve moods. Really, a little cake with a touch of frosting can go a long way.

While most trends debut first in New York City, this season’s must have cupcake hails from Beverly Hills. As with any of the latest trends, all fashion girls want a taste of Sprinkles Cupcakes. Owners of the sweet spot, Charles and Candace Nelson say they sell about 1, 000 of the mini cakes daily. In fashion terms, that is roughly the number of shoes on display at Saks’ Fifth Avenue store.

To get your hands on even a single Sprinkles Cupcake, you will have to join the joint's the half hour line first. Surely if Jimmy Kimmel can wait 45 mins for cupcakes, you can too.

Oh wait, now you don't have too. Sprinkles Cupcakes mixes are now sold at William Sonoma outlets. You can get Sprinkles baking right in your very kitchen. I have to admit my banana cupcakes with vanilla icing turned out pretty damn good. I should know, I ate six of them.

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