Saturday, October 17, 2009

Twittered Out

Miley Cyrus’ Party in the U.S.A is over. Her reign as a tween Tweeter sensation is done. Yes Miley Cyrus has dumped Justin Gaston, got a new boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth and left Twitter.

WARNING: The following is complicated web of celebrity social media use.

On October 8, 2009, Miley left Twitter with a final goodbye Tweet to her two million followers: “FYI Liam doesn't have a Twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason."

While Miley opted to ditch one form of social media, she chose to explain her Twitter exit through another social media forum. To fully understand why Miley left her Twitter friends behind, please watch the following rapYouTube video courtesy of Ms. Cyrus.

Miley Twitter’s exit broke her father’s Achy-Breaky Heart. Billy Ray tried to appeal to his daughter (and money maker) by Tweeting her a message.

Billy Ray’s Tweet to Miley: "I understand 'it is true one bad apple spoils the bunch.' But listen to the words of your songs 'Stand… for what ya believe in'…Remember? Miley. You are a light in a world of darkness. You were born "Destiny Hope Cyrus" for a reason. You can't leave everyone now. We r countin on u."

With her Twitter days so over, Miley responded to her depressed fans and father with an “emo” blog.

The following is just the beginning of the Cyrus anti-Twitter blog: “You all are the closest thing to my heart & it breaks my spirit to hear that some of you feel neglected since I deleted my twitter. It was a wonderful way to stay connected to you & I really felt like during that time we became very much like friends. Twitter is a beautiful thing if used for the right reason. I love my job so much that it is hard to believe sometimes that it is considered "working. But, in the end it is still a business and I do need some sort of a "normal" life as well. I often complain to the ones closest to me that I don't seem to have much of a private life any more and part of that is my fault. How can I whine about my life being to public if I am the one telling the world what I am doing? Some things in my life need to say in my life only and not on some gossip site. I never want any of my fans to feel like I don't love them or care about them BUT, sharing the same love and respect for me I need to have the space to grow as a person and make some mistakes. I need to be able to live and learn in private. I never want to quit entertaining it is my life, my love, and my passion but I can't have my personal life be other peoples entertainment.”

Miley’s departure from Twitter affected millions of her followers, Jimmy Fallon included. Channeling his inner Billy Ray, Jimmy Fallon created a rap response video entitled Billy Ray is No Twitter Quitter. Since its debut on his show, the clip has gone viral on The following is the final word in the Miley Cyrus Twitter debacle which has rocked this nation.

Miley's Twitter departure exemplifies the power of access which social media provides. When celebrities use social media to engage with their fans, they provide to them high levels of access into their personal lives. Miley experienced firsthand that virtual access can lead to real consequences. Once access has been established, celebrities like Miley may be faced by millions of fans upset when communication engagement lines are closed.

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